Multi-family Condominium Architect - Cielo Los Cabos - Project - Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

James Easton, AIA NCARB Architect

Principal - Elk River Studio - Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Perched on a mountain in Cabo San Lucas this cast is place concrete building commands a view of the Sea of Cortez.  The Architect presents a solution for planning a difficult hillside lot.  A below grade parking garage serves as the anchor for the structure.  A negative edge pool and elevated pool deck are focused to the distant horizon.  The building rises in concrete and steel.  Exposed concrete construction ties and pour lifts become the Architect's aesthetic story of the construction.  Mild steel beams define the interior design of living spaces, providing the stability for colored glass facades set against the sky.  The Architecture is a response to the seismic nature of the Baja coast.  Rigidity and resilence are required to allow a structure to flex with a seismic wave through the Earth.  The building is also exposed in a common hurricane path.  The Architect employs safety glass and on-site ermergency power / water supplies as needed.  The minimalist Design Architect derived the building from the requirements of the site and the environment.  Distant, end-less views are the essence of desolate Baja beaches.  Here the distant view is paramount.