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Bradley Guest House - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"A house that feels like a Georgia O'Keffe painting." - Janet Bradley

The Bradley guest house is located on a 22 acre ranch outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The guest house is meant to bring the soft, colorful quality of the expansive mountain views into experience. The mountain sky is constantly changing. The seasons are extreme, yet life is present in all forms at all times. The horses graze nearby, the pond draws the native birds and the pastures bristle with field mice and prairie dogs. An occasional herd of Elk or deer make their way across the land to the next mountain range.

The guest house is designed with a south wall of Rammed Earth. The color and texture of the wall the result of the land itself. The Rammed Earth wall will absorb the heat from the sun during the day and radiate the warmth to the interior of the space throughout the night. Windows are placed to accentuate views to the Sleeping Giant to the North. The second floor deck provides an unobstructed view to the Steamboat Ski Resort.

James Easton, AIA NCARB

project designer

James Easton, AIA NCARB

architect of record

In progress

year completed

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