Minimalism - Case Study #1 - 1824 E. Turquoise - Phoenix, Arizona 2002

James Easton, AIA NCARB  Architect 

Principal - Elk River Studio - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

A minimalist single-family residential home by the Architect in Phoenix, Arizona.  The house was built on a pre-existing, abandoned foundation left behind a decade before this construction.  The existing masonry foundation was cast over by the Architect in solid concrete to create a plinth on the mountainside.  The light gauge steel frame reduced the weight of the structure allowing manpower to move all materials to the site.  Reducing material weight combined with on-site panelized wall construction eliminated the need for a permanent crane.  Meant to be an exploration in common materials, stucco, concrete, gypsum, steel, glass, and natural woods create the palette for the home.  The design is about the spaces on the interior and their relationship to the expanding views.  The form of the home is derived to respond to environmental factors in the harsh, desert climate of the American Southwest.