Multi-family Architect - Shipping Container Apartments - Project - Cabo San Lucas, BCS, MX

James Easton, AIA NCARB, Architect

Principal - Elk River Studio - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

A study in modular form by the Architect utlizing steel shipping containers as a fabrication unit.  The unit is an open plan, two bedroom apartment.  A full kitchen, dining area and media / living area are provided.  The units are capable of stacking by use of the standard steel connections provided for Ocean traveling shipping containers.  In this project, the Architect stacks three units.  Each unit can be crane placed to allow for complete phasing of the project in construction.  The building can be placed on a hillside or flat lot with minimal modifications of the foundation.  Construction cost per unit has been bid at $30k per unit completed.  Complete insulation and adherence to the Building Code are designed into the units by the Architect.  Interior of the design of the units can be ultra minimalist or rough, showing the character of the existing container.